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"Pilots are my kind of people."

All AMEs can provide Aviation Medical Examinations (First, Second, Third Class); EKG; and Aeromedical Consultations.

HIMS Services are provided by Dr. Carpenter.

BASIC MED is not available.

To see a schedule of appointment times and/or schedule an appointment, go to the Scheduling page.

Mission Statement
To be the most on time flight docs in town!

First Class Aviation Medical: $175
Second Class Aviation Medical: $175
Third Class Aviation Medical: $175

Special Issuance: Additional $50
Delayed Certificate Insurance: Additional $50

Aeromedical Consultations: $350/hour
HIMS AME/IMS: $350/hour

EKG: $125

Payment will be required for all confirmed appointments.

Please complete a FAA Medxpress application @ if you wish to consider pursuing a FAA Airman Medical Certificate.

Female pilot chapperone available on request.

Senior FAA Aviation Medical Examiners • HIMS AME/IMS • saint louis metro area
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